Step Through Bike

Cycling is a great way for seniors to exercise – it is a low impact activity and allows you to remain seated while burning calories. Additionally, with the advent of step through bikes for seniors you can mount onto a bike much easier than ever before.

This is important, because many seniors find the hardest part of cycling is simply mounting onto the bike and dismounting off of the bike. (It may also be difficult to hop on and off a bike if you have knee and hip trouble or a bad back.)

Retire your conventional wheels and try one of these step through hot rods instead!  Our top picks for best step through bicycles are noted below:

1) Biria Low Step “Easy Boarding Top 3” Bike

step through bikes for seniors

Modern Step Through Bike for Seniors

“Wow!” That is what people say the first time they lay eyes on this beauty of a bike. We agree – this is one rad ride! Even non-seniors are totally digging this look.

But, what makes this bike so well suited for seniors?

First, the top tube bar is very low to the ground at just six inches of height. If you can lift your foot up six inches, you can straddle this bike easily. You may be surprised to know that the pedal position is the same height from the ground as a traditional bike’s pedals. You will be every bit just as comfortable pedaling in this bad boy versus a traditional 2-wheeler.

Second, the Easy Boarding Top 3 features high-rise handlebars, allowing you to sit upright. This reduces back strain, hip pressure and neck craning. The upright seat positioning allows for a sweet “cruise style” ride, which is great for seniors!

This bike is best suited for someone who plans to ride around town and intends to ride on paved street ways. While it is not a “race style” mountain bike, it has plenty of strength and support for the casual, hobby rider. Its German design gets top marks by riders everywhere.

Third, Biria installed back wheel breaks for added breaking control. There is also a front handlebar break, as well. What this means is you cannot “cycle backwards” while cruising around on the Easy Boarding Top 3 bike.

We like the dual break option, as some seniors react better to foot breaks, while others are more comfortable with hand breaks. By having breaks in both areas, it takes the guess-work out of breaking.

Important note: this bike does not come with installation instructions, as the manufacturer strongly encourages riders to have a professional bike mechanic put the bicycle together. But, if that is a deal-breaker for you, consider our next pick as we hunt down the best step through bikes for seniors!

2) Breezer “Uptown 8” Low Step Bike

Breezer Bikes was founded in 1977 by legendary American cyclist Joe Breeze. According to their Facebook Account, Breezer Bikes has won more Editors’ Choice Awards for their commuter bikes than all other bike companies combined!

Low Mount Bike for Elderly

Breezer Bikes

The Uptown 8 Low Step Bike is a great option for seniors with its low step aluminum frame. The aluminum keeps the bike lightweight yet sturdy. It has eight speeds and a water bottle mount (though I am usually too scared to reach down while riding!). We like the option to pause for a hydration break, though.

What we love most about this bike is all the built-in extras that come standard on this bike, such as:

  • The built in chainguard (which protects both the chain, itself, as well as your legs, from rain, mud and debris)
  • Front and rear LED lights can be seen both from behind, as well as from the side profile
  • Reflective sidewall tires for additional safety
  • Comes with a built in bell, rack and fenders

All in all, this bike should suit anyone well for all-around use. And all the extra bells and whistles that come standard with the Uptown 8 Low Step make it a great deal. Note – bike will need to be assembled upon delivery.

Still not sure which bike is for you? Consider our third favorite bike for senior citizens below.

3) Gama Bikes Metropole Step-Thru

Okay, full disclosure: The Metropole Step-Thru Bike is marketed as a women’s bike. That said, we think it looks perfectly styled on both men and women alike! And with its sleek, low mount entry, it makes for a great step through bike option for senior citizens and the elderly.

Gama Step Thru Bike

There are a number of fine highlights from this incredible Gama bicycle. For starters, we just like how it looks. It may not sound novel, but sometimes you just want a “steady Eddie” – a traditional-looking bike that will fit right in with any other bike on the road. This bike checks the box.

Second, we like that it is made of lightweight aluminum alloy. This means the bike is easy to transport or mount on a wall in your garage. (Gotta love space savers!) And when it isn’t saving space on your wall, the 8-speed gears offer power and reliability for conquering hills and uneven terrain as needed.

Next, as for keeping up appearances, Gama proclaims, “you’ll never see a spot of rust.” We like the sound of that – no one likes an old rusty bike, after all.

Finally, suited for cyclists of height 5’3 or taller, the Metropole Step-Thru is a versatile bike that can be enjoyed by nearly all body sizes. And if you weren’t feeling the love yet, this cool ride comes standard with lots of extras: fenders, rear rack, basket and a bell. Yes, please!

Rider Remarks in Amazon Reviews:

  • “The bike rides very quiet and smooth. So pleased!”
  • “ is very practical especially for an older person…this is a great bike for riding around town”
  • “…we compared to other bicycles … and this is definitely a good deal”

We think this bike is sure to please even the fussiest of cyclists. Important note: the bike comes partially assembled, our research online revealed the bike comes about 80% complete.But, you may need a qualified professional at your local bike shop to help complete the finishing touches.


Traditional bicycles require the rider to swing a leg over the frame when mounting the bike. This was fun in grade school, but as we age our limbs are less flexible. Therefore, it may be difficult to hop on your trusty road bike with ease. Also, our stability is a concern. One bad fall can really do you in. That is why step through bikes are a great choice for seniors or anyone with compromised mobility.

Biking keeps you limber and can be enjoyed either individually or socially. Even Harvard touts the benefits of biking for seniors: “it’s an aerobic activity that gets your heart pumping…cycling improves endurance and heart health…and strengthens hip and leg muscles.” We encourage you to give biking a try if you haven’t already. And we hope this guide helps you find the perfect step through bikes for seniors!

Happy cycling to all!