E bikes are great fun and they are very useful, too. But they are not cheap – so you may be wondering, what is the best e bike for the money?! We have poured through tons of reviews, videos and commentary across several sites to help you choose the best e bike for value received. Our #1 pick is… drumroll please…

The Best Value Electric Bike

#1) E-Go 26″ Inch Electric Bike

What brought this e bike to the top of our list? The E Go electric bike is jam packed with value and although price varies by region, you can expect to buy this electric bike under $1000. Our favorite features from the E-Go e bike are part spec, part style.

Our favorite value-features:

  1. 500 Watt rear hub motor
  2. Speed of 20 miles per hour (the legal maximum speed for electric bikes) can be reached on this bad boy
  3. 36 Volt Lithium Ion Battery
  4. Weight of 55 pounds (can be transported fairly easily)
  5. Shimano 7 Speed, ½ Twist Throttle
  6. Charging time of 6 hours is industry standard and quite reasonable (charges into a standard wall outlet, you can expect approximately 1,000 lifetime charges from the battery)
  7. The screen display is a nice, big size – easy to view while riding
  8. Battery location is perfect on the middle of the bike
  9. Style! We love that the E-Go bike manages to look like a mountain bike ready for rough roads.

As you can see, this e bike aint no sissy! Further, based on price alone you would be hard pressed to find a better value than this E Go electric bike.

Runners Up for Best E Bike for the Money

#2 )  Nakto 26″ 250W Cargo-Electric Bicycle

If you are looking to stick to a strict budget, our favorite low-end price for an e bike is this electric bike by Nakto. It has a smaller motor than our other fave e bikes at 250 W. Additionally, the frame is steel alloy which makes it heavier than our other picks, but customer reviews online remain favorable. Finally, this e bike offers a step through feature, which makes it a great candidate for women, senior citizens or anyone with mobility concerns. We give this a thumb up based on value.

#3)  E Go New Electric Bike Matt Black Electric Bicycle

Yup, we are back to the E Go line of electric bikes. And we’re back for good reason – this company really manages to offer quite a bit of high end features for the money. (One con – they are not American made, in case that is of concern for you).

Known as a top rated, customer favorite, the E Go New Electric Bike Matt Black Electric Bicycle has a lot to offer.  500 W motor, Shimano External 7 Speed gear and is constructed with aluminum alloy. We love that the 36 Volt lithium ion battery is hidden in the frame of the bike. A customer recently commented, “This ebike is (an) eye catcher and for the price nothing can beat this one” – we agree. It is a solid deal! We give it a B for “bringing the value!”

Benefits of E Bikes:

If you are newer to e bikes you may not know all of the cool features and benefits these bikes offer rides. Electric bikes are all the rage for good reason!

  1. Ecofriendly transportation
  2. Get outside more (and have fun riding!)
  3. Hills are easier
  4. Less Sweaty
  5. Faster commuting than traditional bikes

Electric bikes have two sources of power – a battery and raw manpower (your legs), that’s it! No gas, no fumes, no chemicals at all. Biking is a great way to spend more time outdoors, away from the chatter of television programs and video games. And more particularly, electric bicycles make uphill rides and uneven terrain much easier to navigate.

Filip Aleksander Chajzer (@filip_chajzer) on

Riders that may have been put off by the physical nature of cycling are pleasantly surprised by the added power an e bike provides them. You will sweat less and go further on an e bike than you would on a traditional bike.

E Bike Features to Consider Before Purchase

Location of the Battery

You will notice several different areas where the battery may be stored on an e bike. We happen to love a battery that is either built into the frame on the downtube. Alternatively, another good location for the battery is vertical storage behind the bike seat. Finally, our least favorite storage position for the battery is a horizontal rack behind the bicycle seat.

The latter is our least favorable location for the battery, as it adds a chunk of weight localized to one end of the bike. A downtube positioned battery, or vertically positioned battery behind the bike seat, allows the weight of the battery to be distributed more evenly.  Also, it keeps your center of gravity nice and level, which will help you have a smoother ride.

Weight of the bike

If you plan to hook the bike on the front of a public bus, mount it on your garage wall or carry it upstairs, then you should consider investing in a lighter biked (although lighter weight e bikes cost more, you will enhance portability by spending more money on a lighter bike). Therefore, you should consider purchasing an electric bike comprised of materials such as lightweight aluminum, aluminum alloy or carbon fiber frames to reduce the weight of the bike.

Battery Specs

The battery size/capacity makes a huge difference when it comes to accelerating, riding long distances and the frequency with which you will need to re-charge the battery. If you plan to commute to work (or ride your bike several days a week for any other reason), you should consider how much time you want to spend charging the battery before buying an e bike:

Considerations for e bike batteries:

  • Battery capacity in AMP hours – tells you how much energy the battery can store. Higher number = battery can go further and last longer.
  • Voltage – This tells you how powerful the motor is. The amount of power is generally limited by law (this differentiates e bikes from motorcycles). But, keep in mind: the more powerful the battery is, the faster the battery runs out.

All in all, we think you would be happy with any of the three bikes we have listed above. To get the most out of your purchase, you should always keep in mind your intended use for your next e bike purchase. Budget concerned shoppers may be able to happily purchase a steel alloy electric bike at a heavier weight but lower price tag than their aluminum alloy siblings.

On the other hand, a commuter, city dweller, carries-his-bike-up-five-flights-of-stairs rider will definitely be unhappy with a steel frame. If that sounds like you, save some pennies an splurge for an electric bike in the $1000 price range.

After all, the best e bike for the money really depends on what type of cyclist you are – hobbyist, commuter, or a little of both. Here’s to happy trails, heavy wallets and a cleaner mother earth!

Happy cycling to all!