Adult Tricycle

3 wheel bikes for adults have gained popularity recently. And for good reason! 3 wheel bikes, also known as trikes or tricycles, are very fun to ride. Even better, riding a 3 wheel bike is a great way to get exercise, see the outdoors, reduce your carbon footprint and stay strong as you age.

Our favorite 3 Wheel Bikes for Adults

Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike

The Schwinn Meridian 26-Inch 3 Wheel Bicycle for adults is engineered with a lightweight, aluminum bike frame for a sophisticated look.  The 26” tires provide for stability and speed. The handlebars are upright and wide enough for comfortable posture. And the padded spring saddle makes for a very comfortable seat.

This three-wheel bicycle offers powerful braking to ensure a reliable stop in case of emergency.  The rear basket is foldable, which gives the rider a choice to adjust the loads for either lightweight or heavyweight needs. Furthermore, this tricycle removes the trouble of mounting and dismounting due to the solidity of the frame and easy onboarding.

Not only this tricycle is well-equipped, it is also practical and economical due to its reasonable price point. The Schwinn Meridian 3 wheel bicycle for adults is the perfect tricycle for the casual rider. (And who doesn’t love Schwinn?!)

Worksman Port-O-Trike Folding Adult Tricycle

Worksman Cycles is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty tricycles, which is why the Worksman Port-O-Trike is such a reliable trike. The tricycle is geared with a heavy-duty steel frame, tires measuring about 20” (with steel rims), and a rear basket that is coated with vinyl. The Port-O-Trike offers a strong grip, solid stability, and reliable durability on wet or bumpy surfaces due to the steel rims attached to the tires.

This trike can accommodate adults with a weight of up to 215 pounds and a height range from four to six feet tall. The frame of the tricycle is designed to be upright. Worksman tailors the Port-O-Trike to be foldable via a single latch mechanism for easy storage and portability.  Finally, assembly of the trike is should be fairly quick, since the rear of the tricycle has been pre-assembled in advance.

Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed Tricycle

Raleigh 3-Speed Trike for adults is manufactured with a front wheel measuring 24 inches and a pair of rear wheels with 20 inches for good stability during the ride. This tricycle comes with a rear metal basket, whose loading capacity is 45 pounds. Therefore, the Raleigh trike is convenient for those who run errands, shop for groceries or carry cycling gear.

The trike has a tractor saddle to provide enough cushion for a comfortable seating position. As for brakes, the Raleigh tricycle offers a rear coaster brake that is triggered by pushing the pedals backward to come to a stop. And there is a front hand brake for additional breaking, as well. It also offers a lock-in brake lever, enabling the rider to hold the tricycle securely in place if needed.

Benefits of 3 Wheel Bikes for Adults

1) Tricycles are easier to mount onto, as they are lower to the ground than traditional bicycles

2) Trikes are built with stability in mind, making them great for aging adults or anyone with compromised mobility. If needed, you can easily put your feet on the ground while seated on the bike.

3) Variety of options for seating position – you can choose to ride in upright position or in a more horizontal position (check out these awesome recumbent tricycles for adults).

4) Great for transporting goods – room for a large basket and big seat

5) Environmentally friendly transportation

Mounting a Three Wheel Bike

Many people worry about how difficult it will be to mount onto a bike.  This can be especially worrisome as you age. Our muscles, tendons and ligaments just aren’t as flexible in our fifties and beyond. It can also be an issue for people who have compromised mobility.  For example, anyone with a leg, hip or knee injury may find it hard to climb on top of a traditional two wheeler.  For this reason, a 2 wheel bike may not be your best option. Instead, consider riding a low mounting tricycle.

Tricycle Stability

By their very design, tricycles are inherently very stable and able to sit upright whether moving or stationary. This is a direct result of having a third wheel on which the bike can rest.  By having three wheels, a trike contains a triangular support as its base. This is why you could sit on a tricycle, motionless, and not fall over. Should you need a break from pedaling, you can very easily come to a stop and place your feet down without worrying about tipping over. This makes tricycles an excellent option for anyone who gets dizzy, has shortness of breath or worries about physical limitations.

Tricycle Seating Position

In order to find the best adult tricycle, you should pick a desired seating position before purchasing a trike. 3 wheel bikes for adults come in the following seating positions: traditional upright position, recumbent tricycle position and low rider position.

Traditional Upright Tricycle Seating Position

Easy on, easy off. That’s how I feel about a traditional upright trike! Super easy to mount, and a very comfortable position in which to sit. The upright position is traditional for a reason – it just makes sense. Your hands, hips and knees are reasonably spaced. Your head and line of vision are parallel to the ground, and your cycling motion is rather routine. No bells or whistles here, folks.

Recumbent Bike Seating Position

Ah, the oft misunderstood recumbent bike. Yes friends, here is where things get interesting! The recumbent bike is a bit of a red-headed step child, drawing the ire of many a passerby. “Why would anyone want to ride in that position?” one might ask oneself.  Well, for several reasons! First – what the heck are recumbent 3 wheel bikes for adults?

Simply put, a recumbent tricycle is a trike in which the foot pedals extend in front of the rider, placing their lower body in a nearly horizontal line. This is quite different than an upright tricycle, in which the rider’s pedals are positioned underneath his or her body. As a result, there is less pressure on your back and spinal cord.

Your body will be stretched out, with your weight distributed much more evenly than on an upright trike. Additionally, your hands won’t feel the force of your upper body weight  hammering down, and you can avoid the “hunched over” style (no need to seek out an extra long shirt!) Finally, recumbent trikes typically have a larger seat and bigger baskets, in case that interests you.

Lowrider Tricycle Seating Position

The rarest of the three, the lowrider trike offers a most…uncomfortable looking position. Lowrider bikes and trikes emerged in the wake of lowrider car popularity. Essentially, lowrider trikes are primarily purchased by people who think the style “looks cool.”

Lowriders require the rider to reach outward and upward over the body. The pedals are low to the ground and just barely avoid contact with the floor. They are best reserved for youth with fewer concerns about joint pain and arthritis. But, if this style suits your fancy, there are plenty of options available.

3 wheel bikes for adults are fun to ride, great for exercise and are a “clean energy” mode of transportation. To find the best tricycle, a rider should consider these factors: the rider’s primary intended use (casual riding, replacement of vehicle, cardio exercise, or other use), the rider’s physical limitations and the rider’s preferred aesthetic style.

Upright trikes and recumbent trikes will meet most riders’ needs, while a lowrider trike may be more suited for adults focused on trendy styles.

Happy cycling to all!